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I'm hooked on listing things...

Reasons to clean your room:

1) You will find your wallet that you didn't know was lost.
2) You will find a pile of pre-purchased Birthday cards the day before you were going to go out and buy some more.
3) You will begin to feel like you need to go outside, so you will go out to check the mail and subsequently get to laugh at your room mates.
4) While outside, you will discover that it smells like snow.
5) You discover that you have a LOT of comic strips that are about duct tape
6) You discover that your carpet does have a color, however gray it might be.
7) You realize that it is important to make a sign with duct tape that says "Wall of Duct Tape"... and then you do it.

... off to make a certain sign and hope my ceiling light decides to work again.
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