Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Weekend Fun

This weekend was fun and adventurous. This morning felt like Rochester. Bracing, and I should have had a scarf to match my mittens. No coat, oops.

Mike and I watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Aladdin over the last 2 days. He was supposed to start his vacation on Saturday, but they called him in for the late shift because someone called in sick. Ahh, well, he doesn't have to work now 'til we get back from his parents, so he'll be "recharging" this week. He definitely deserves the time off (KB gives a week off in Jan to all managers as a "thank you for not dying over Christmas" present), but I have to say I am jealous.

When I got home tonight, it was 56 degrees in the living room. That's a first! The wind certainly isn't helping much.

I made 2 sales over the weekend that are now packed, boxed, wrapped, labeled and ready to go. I'm hoping to be out of bed early enough tomorrow to go to the post office BEFORE work. That would be a new concept. Getting up early. Huh. Our lunch meeting from Friday got moved to Monday, so hopefully that will actually happen this time. I'm going to be needing more work soon, me thinks!

Now I'm going to eat some jello and go to bed. Next weekend will be here before I know it - nice that it's starting Thursday night!
Tags: life, movies, work
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