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This is weird....

Okay, so I'll post about last night since it looks like no one else is. First thing that happend was that Cindi and I were walking to our Thursday night classes together and talking about when Jeremy would get up here and where he would go first. Just so happends that as we get to the end of our block, who turns in the drive but *da, da, da-da* Jeremy! *yea* Very strange and ironic... so he parked and ended up walking with us towards campus... at about the SAU I veered off towards the SAU for the last RITSingers practice before our concert on Sunday... we got a lot accomplished and a lot learned... I think we are finally ready to perform our Women's piece... I think that the percussion is ... well... interesting... we shall see.

After Singers, I got back to the apartment to find that Dan and Jeremy were on their way over. They came over, we talked as they watched me make Duct Tape letters for my wall.... and then we played balderdash!!! Dan kicked our collective @$$es... hehehee... but somehow, it was still fun... everyone was doing alright, 'cept Cindi... it just wasn't her night. :-P Even though she's the one that wanted to play the game. :-P

Right now I'm in the Library listening to the guy that is teaching the "Optimizing Digital Photos" 'class'... mostly alum, so I feel out of place... and this guy is mostly into photography and I think it's mostly stuff that I already know.... but I'll hang around and listen 'til I have to be at my Club Review Board meeting at 4pm. Then I'm going to meet Heather in the Music Room and we are going to walk back to the apartment together. I have to do a bunch of cleaning and finish my laundry and make sure that apartment is ready for my parents and my siblings...

Okay, this guy is going through the functions of photoshop. I know this stuff.... hmmm.. and I could take an hour to clean and fold my wash. Maybe I'll do that.
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