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My Results from The Coffee Test!

The Sophisticate

Tall, dark, and refined. Is that you or your coffee? To the casual
observer, there's really no difference. How you take your coffee provides
people with a small window into your personality. Here's what one might
Your coffee style reflects an urban cool and sophistication that intrigues
most of the coffee drinkers in the shop. Where are you from? What do you
do? How do you know so much about coffee? They're just dying to find out.
As you reach across the counter for your signature brew, the people around
you construct their own story about your identity. The person in line
behind you thinks that your name could be Claude or Claudette. For all she
knows, you take long lunches and shop at high-class boutiques. Outside the
coffee shop, you could be anything. Inside, you're a world traveler with
expensive tastes and an inventive style. You demand a perfect cup and will
accept nothing but the best. Your coffee says that you most likely
approach life with a keen eye for beauty and that you stroll through your
day with unmatched grace and class.

Thank you, < they know me so well!
Tags: meme
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