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I almost got run into by a relatively small backhoe on my way back to the apartment. They are doing some landscaping in front of the Business building(12) and are taking up THE WHOLE SIDEWALK... pain pain pain... I ended up saying excuse me and riding through some dirt. Gah. I've been back for about half an hour and I've already got a thesis statement for my Data Comm. paper.It's all nice and printed out.
I'm eatting lunch which consists of my mom's leftovers from China Gate. There is shrimp in it... and I'm eating it anyway... very's actually good. :-) ... as my tastes continue to mature. Last night I was doing some stop frame animation... should be interesting how it comes out. I need to review how to do cue points... gah.
Also, now I'm trying to wade through the ritsma message board... what a pain.
And my parents keep falling off the walls... gah.
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