Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


What should I give up for Lent? It starts tomorrow and I have no idea. :-(


Things I've given up before:

Dessert (I totally didn't make it on this one)
Pretzels (I used to eat them CONSTANTLY. I didn't make a dietary replacement when I gave these up. I think I lost 2 pounds or something insignificant).
Ice Cream (ate other stuff instead)
Swearing (was embarrassed when I had to tell people)
The Snooze Button (stuck to it and used the extra time for devotions. this might be a good idea again, srsly)

Things I'm contemplating:
The snooze button again.
Donuts (srsly, I ate 3 today. yikes)
Doing all dishes within 24 hours of dirtying them (this has become a vice of mine)
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