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Fried Rice

Last night I made Fried Rice and it turned out awesome. I used a couple of recipes as guidelines, but it turned out so well when I did it this way, I thought I'd better right it down. The meat/veggie/rice ratio was just about right and the water chestnuts weren't over crispy. I might mix it up next time and use different veggies.

Veggie suggestions: diced carrots, lima beans, peas, corn, broccoli(?), diced zucchini(?), celery, et, al!

Makes about 6 servings, I guess. (I'm positive this will be even more fabulous leftover, but you could easily half this recipe if you wanted)

About 15 minutes of prep (chopping, steaming veggies, etc)& 30 minutes of standing at the stove and cooking.


2 cups of cooked day-old rice (yup, gotta plan ahead!)

2 eggs (cracked & beaten)
1 cup Peas & 1 cup Corn (cooked/steamed) (or your choice of veggies not to exceed a total of 2 cups cooked and chopped)
Half a can of water chesnuts, chopped.
Half a can of bamboo shoots, chopped. (if you don't want to do either of these, add a half cup of veggies instead)
A cup to a cup and a half of cooked chicken, chopped. (or your choice of meat - or go veggie-tarian and just put another cup of veggies in)
1 cup hot chicken broth

Soy sauce
Vegatable oil (or the oil of your choice)


In a large bowl, combine peas, corn, water chesnuts, bamboo shoots, and chicken. Heat a large pan or wok* over medium-high heat with oil in it. When oil is hot, pour in eggs and immediately dump in the veggie/chicken mixture. Stir slowly at a constant rate (it needs to cook the eggs & heat the veggies/chicken through) adding soy sauce to taste.

Remove the veggie/chicken/egg mixture back to the large bowl. Set aside.

The large pan is now hot and ready for the rice! Put the rice in quickly. Pour in enough oil to just about cover the bottom of the pan. (note: Put rice in first, then the oil so it reduces splattering!) Fry up the rice until it is all warm.

Reduce heat to medium. Slowly add the chicken broth while you continue to fry. The rice will absorb the broth and start to become sticky. You may not need to add the entire cup of broth depending on how dry the rice was when you started. You're not making soup, so make sure that the broth is fully absorbing before adding more.

When the rice has absorbed the broth and is sticky and yummy looking, add the veggie/chicken/egg mixture back into the pan. We're almost done! Stir it all around to get it mixed into the rice evenly. Add some more soy sauce so that it can soak into the rice a bit, too (to taste). Keep frying it up until all the ingredients are hot.

Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

*note: this pan will eventually have ALL the ingredients including rice in it. Make sure it's big enough before you get started!
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