Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Don't forget to turn your clocks AHEAD 1 HOUR TONIGHT!

Today, I sent all of the files that Elizabeth and I worked on to the printers. Everything will be shipped in time. We ended up doing 250 business cards and 200 postcards - 100 of 2 different designs. The next step is to work on the website.

Also, I made dessert calzones which turned out pretty good & I made chicken stock.

I got to sleep in this morning, which was nice, and now I'm going to set my clocks ahead, climb into bed with my book and get an early night's sleep.

Tomorrow, we are leaving for NJ at 8:15am; I'm so not looking forward to getting up that early! Ahh, well. We've got a bridal shower to go to, and Albert & Dad are coming along to take Grandfather out for lunch for his birthday (which was this past week - 82!).
Tags: food, life, travel
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