Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Netflix Damage Rate (and other netflix issues/questions)

Today, I received "Music & Lyrics" (recommended by Justin). I popped it in thinking I'd be able to stay up for another 30 minutes and get a start on it...then finish it tomorrow. I'm glad I did 'cuz now I can send it back tomorrow. It wouldn't even play more than 30 seconds without skipping. It's scratched a bit, but it also seems like there is something else wrong with it. It's not my player because I've watched plenty of other DVDs (and I just put another one in now & it's playing fine).

This is the 4th disc I've had to report a problem with since I started in January (total of 30 DVDs rented). 3 damaged/unplayable and 1 mislabeled. Is this normal? Are they going to think that I'm the culprit? This seems like a high rate of damage to me, but maybe I am just being unreasonable. I don't think I ever had a disc that wouldn't play when I was with blockbuster. Hm. I did just read that the USPS is going to start charging them more because their mailers damage machines and cause other problems. Could these issues be damaging the discs as well?

In other netflix news, I had my first disc NOT shipped from the local Harrisburg distribution house. It took an extra day to get here and shipped from Milwaukee. Kinda random.

I guess I should go to bed now.
Tags: netflix
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