Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Netflix - a redemption...?

I got this e-mail today (and today is wednesday). Parentheticals are mine.

We're Sorry Your DVD Was Delayed

Dear Catherine,

As you may have heard (or possibly blogged about), our shipping system was unexpectedly down for most of Monday (oh, we mean all of the day, but we are covering our butts because someone could have possibly used the site at 4 am for about 5 minutes). We should have shipped you a DVD but were unable to (actually, 2, and actually one is replacing a DVD that was damaged). Your DVD(s - plural) was shipped today, Tuesday, March 25th, instead. (No we didn't notice the irony of this message coming a day late.)

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. (Well, that is something) We will issue a 5% credit to your account in the next few days. (wooo!) You don't need to do anything. (more wooo!) The credit will be automatically applied to your next billing statement. (do you feel the redemption?)

Again, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1 (888) 638-3549.

-The Netflix Team

I'm feeling better about this now. Slightly less better now that I've calculated 5% of my bill is only $0.70. Ahh, well.
Tags: netflix
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