Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

My Car needs/wants/not-wants List

This is what I've got so far. Any comments/suggestions/anything, please comment! This will be updated as I think about it more.


Automatic Transmission (you know, so I can drive it)
6 cylinders (?) (I need my get-up-and-go. Mike's car is 4 and his doesn't have any.)

Power locks / Power windows / Power steering. :-P
Cruise Control
Positionable Steering Wheel

Cloth interior
30 mph/gal highway (is this unreasonable?)
decent size gas tank (current is 20+gal)

Would be nice (in order of importance, kinda):
Inexpensive to service
Parts easy to find/order
large trunk and/or fold down backseat
plenty of leg room everywhere / comfortable backseat
low road noise
enough cup holders/places to put things/purse
audio system that plays MP3 CDs & CD-Rs
audio controls on the steering wheel

Must not have:
Console. Hate. Consoles.
Huge Blind Spots (like Dad's Volvo)
Tags: car
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