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Hockey Game!

Okay, so last night was 2 major hockey games in my life... one I attended, and one that I can't wait to hear about!!

First of all, RIT kicked St. Clair's you-know-what and won 6 to 3.... We play Eau Claire next week.... hehehehe...

Secondly, last night was also the first Hershey Bears game of the season in the new Giant Center complex... Not only did the Bears beat the Amerks(Rochester) 4-1, but there was what sounds like an incredible opening ceremony... they raised all of the Bear's banners and their Calder Cup banners.... I was crying as I was reading about it.... Cool...

And after the game, we went to Zeb's where we wrote a silly story that goes like this:

Once there was a guy who owned a tomato field. He woke up one day and found millions and billions of tomatoes, so .... he started a song, a silly song. It went, "Once there was a guy who owned a tomato field. He woke up one day and found... "... And so he realized that he had the best song ever! He went to the recording studio and talked to the record .... man. But it wasn't a man. The recording studio lost money to the proliferation of mp3 files and replaced all its employees with cucumbers. The cucumbers were just laying around. The guy said, "You people are a bunch of vegetables." So he took one and shoved it up is Popeil Salad Shooter and made the best salad ever! Of course any great salad needs a few tomatoes so he reached in his pocket and pulled out Michael Peca to reprise his role on the Tops Commercial by saying, "Honey! Look at these tomatoes!" And then they ate the tomatoes. After Napster when under, the lawsuits allowed the record guy to be hired again and the song was recorded..... THE END....

How very strange... I should be doing homework now. So I shall.
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