Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Exhausting, that.

After work today, I went to Penney's to look for a blouse to go with a skirt I have. I was planning on wearing it to my cousin's wedding next week (the one the cross stitch is for), but I didn't really have an appropriate shirt to go with it. I took it with me to look at colors and fabrics.

I ended up finding a top that is the exact right color of green, but it makes the whole outfit rather casual, so since I looked at every single shirt in the store, I had to find another option for the wedding. I ended up finding a really pretty dress that was $30. It's got an abstract black & white print of leaves all over it and it is accented with light yellow and a light yellow sash. Really pretty! I'm sure they'll be pictures at some point. :-P I still can't believe that I bought something that has yellow and it looks good! Crazy.

They also had a lot of stuff on sale. Here's the run down:

4 pillows @ $3.95 each
1 mattress pad @ $19.95 (we'll see how the sleeping goes tonight, this might go back)
2 shirts @ $11 each
1 sweater set @ $9.95
2 tops @ $4.90
1 dress @ $30.00
1 2-piece suit @ $40.00 (perfect for spring/fall! YAY!)
1 super-powered undergarment @ $30.00

The only thing missing in this little shopping spree was shoes and/or sandals. Unfortunately, I need both of those big time. What is with places not having 9 1/2 Wide? WHO TOOK ALL THE 9 1/2 WIDES!??!?!?! WHOOOOOOO? Sigh. Guess I gotta try a real shoe store.

The whole trip wiped me out. I didn't have to do any cross-stitching tonight! YAY! I got to do laundry instead. haha.
Tags: life, shopping

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