Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Quick things

- Sean's wedding was crazy and fun. More to come.
- I only just got up at 11. Good thing I decided ahead of time not to go to church today.
- I've just been invited to a Bachlorette party! To go, to go... 4 hour drive for 1 night of craziness? Might be worth it for our favorite cousin. Plus it's at the beach. Plus it's at the beach house that I've been missing lately. Probably could spend the night there. Hm. It's in 6 weeks, so I guess we have time to decide. It's going to be a crazy June.
- I'm on a boil water advisory! Slightly exciting (first one!) but slightly annoying to come home to at midnight last night.
- I have NJ bagels. They are in the car. NEED to go get them. mmmmm
- I also have a copy of Wicked (book) now that Aunt Sandy gave me. YAY!
- Also, I'm ordering a huge clock for my wall today. Aunt Sandy helped pick it out.
- Also, there was something else I thought of but I forget.
Tags: life
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