Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Why I love my Buick

This morning I did some yard sale-ing and I got the following:

Crock pot - $0.50 (they swear it works, we'll see)
Laptop Table/Cart - $3.00
Hexagon-shaped endtable (like this) - $5.00
Savion Onyx Mirror (here) - $60.00 (and worth every penny! I'm going to hang it above my bed sideways)

All of this fit into my car at once. I didn't even have to think twice about each piece fitting in the car, let alone all of it fitting at once. It was beautiful. The worst part was carrying it all up the stairs by myself. But I did it *flexes muscles*... I'm just hoping that I'm not in tons of pain tomorrow. :-P

After the yard sale-ing, I hit:
Post Office (where I didn't get to ship my package because the computers were down)
Lane Bryant (where I didn't find what I was looking for)
Five Guys (where I got a hot dog and a soda)
Giant Foods (where I stocked up on baking supplies and cereal)
ATM (where I replenished my cash)
East Shore Library Book Sale (where a grocery bag of books was $3 and I got 3 bags FULL, some for me, some for Mike)
Hancock Fabric (where I stocked up on Fray Check)
Big Lots (where I got 40 rolls of TP for $10 and storage drawers for my desk supplies)
Rite Aid (where I refilled my prescription and used the drive thru!)
Wal*Mart (where I stocked up on H&B stuff and ran into my Landlord and his wife, Lynn)
Humane Society (where I FINALLY dropped off some donations)

Home. *exhausted*
I've already got most everything put away, and now I'm going to go through the books I got and do the laundry.
Tags: car, life, shopping
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