Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

So. Tired.

Today I:
- Woke up in emense pain from carrying my yard sale finds up the stairs yesterday
- Gathered up my recyclables to take to the 'rents
- Went to church
- Made brunch
- Went through my Christmas decorations (some to keep here, some to keep at my parents, and some to get rid of)
- Took Albert to see "21" and then to dinner at Moe's. (WOO, MOES!)
- Came back here and unloaded the car
- Watched Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and Failure to Launch
- Finished my Welcome Pineapple x-stitch (needs to be framed, but pictures will be coming soon)
- Felt like I missed out on what could have been a restful weekend, but instead was a productive one. :-P
Tags: apartment, church, life
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