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Last RIT Men's Hockey game of the SEASON!


Okay, we'll start off with the minor details... like the game was against this team from Elmira College... hhhmmm... I know I've heard that somewhere before... only our BIGGEST RIVALS!!!! And I have to give them credit, they played very well... Go here for the stats and stuff of the game! And the last goal(and tie-breaking, too) was made @ 19:58 in the 3rd period... I swear to God, I thought it was going to have to go into over time and that would not have been fun... my diaphram already hurt from yelling... and we had to stand up, so my feet hurt too! Every minute was worth it!!!!!!!!! (more of these !!!). Oh, and I finally got to meet Mr. Hockey(Jeremy)... he's really neat and he knows lots about Hockey... didn't really get to hang out with him much... But after the game we(about 16 people... I'm not naming them all!) went to Zebs... I wasn't very hungry, so I ordered (what I thought would be) a little dessert called, Hot Apple Rush... boy was I WRONG! It was gigantic and was REALLY Good! And, as usual, the company was great! And that's all I can think of to say... blah... blah, blah...

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