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So here I go...

I composed a very lengthy LJ entry in my head on the way over here... which is unusual, 'cuz I haven't done that in a long time... come to think of it, I haven't really posted anything substantial here in a while.... very sad, really. Anyway, for reasons that you will soon find out, I probably won't remember most of what I wanted to say here.

I'll start by talking about what I know I was thinking when I first left the SAU. StickBoy does not know who I am. This is obvious because when I talk to him he gets the look on his face that I get on my face when I'm talking to someone that I know that I know from somewhere, but I don't know WHO they are... or really where I know them from... Although, I called him Stick boy, so that part was obvious.

And then I left Eugene and Matt(a.k.a. Usher-Boy) and headed in my own separate way to my apt.. this is the sad thing about living in UC, I don't get to walk back to the dorms with my dorm-dwelling friends.. 'tis very sad... but so instead I began thinking about how I have a crush on Usher-Boy..
Just a little crush which could be seriously aggravated whilst I spend approx. 3+ hours of my life ushering with him this weekend... for the ... I don't know what I was going to say.....

Which leads me to my next subject... I'm loosing my mind.. at least for the time being... this is mostly brought on by end-of-the-quarter-stress... and the quarter is almost over... and thus the end of the insanity must be near.. unfortunately, it will take me getting to insanity to get back to sanity again.. it will be a crazy time, these next weeks.. but then again, I always know that I will make it through unscathed and unharmed and that it will be over soon.... that's the best thing about RIT, it usually will be over soon.

That brings me to what is wrong with my brain.... it just doesn't work the way it is supposed to anymore.. I'm going to contribute this to the fact that over the past weekend I used Director for about 48+ hours STRAIGHT! Insanity.. so now my brain does not what to associate words with pictures.. like "pancake", "panda".. there's only a 4 letter difference.. CLOSE ENOUGH, right?.. no, unfortunately not.. it's these things that make me wonder weather I'm crazy or not.. but then I'm told that if you wonder if you are crazy then you are probably not crazy because people that are crazy don't think about weather they are crazy or not.. and if they do, they would never ever admit it.. so I'm stuck in the classic Catch 22 thingy...(good book, BTW if you like brain stuff and war stuff)... yeah, that was my quick and dirty book-plug.

Speaking of quick and dirty... I got to watch a dress rehearsal of THE AMERICAN DREAM.. hilarious and Grandma is definitely my favourite... very good job, BRIE! :-) I can see why she has been so stressed out! If you aren't doing anything this weekend, come see the show.. it's FREE and it's a great deal considering I would pay to see it again, although I won't..... but I will probably donate money to the Players... whheeeeeee!

Oh, so I saw this guy walking his dog kinda near my building on my way home tonight.. so I'm wondering where the dog lives, 'cuz we aren't allowed to have pets and why would you come to RIT to walk your dog after 10pm??? Very strange...

This also reminds me of an almost-but-not-really-incident earlier this evening when I was walking through S-Lot to get to the Players meeting.. I noticed a beat-up looking car with 2 guys in it.. the car was idling... and then as I was getting closer, the car was turned off.. and then I'm just about past the car, and I hear the door open and close.. now I don't know if someone got out or not.. but of course, I think the worst and assuming they are now walking quitely behind me only to later jump out and grab me... but no such luck.. I finally turn around about 50 yards later and no one was there... how boring.. nothing good ever happens here...

except, then, next I see this guy that I know from Players... and I don't know his name so I just yell that he's going to be late for the Players meeting.. .something to the effect of "You're going to be late for the Players meeting!".. and of course he doesn't realize I'm talking to him 'til I say Players meeting.. but then he turns and we get to be late together... well not late.. just barely on time.. and not early like we would have liked to be... but yeah.. so then just about an hour ago I find out that his name is Matt MacHatton(a.k.a.-- Usher-Boy!)... yeah and I now have a crush on him... (Please, just don't ask me why...I think it's the single thing trying to sneak up on me and freak me out...) :-P

Oh, and when I got back to the apt, I was greeted with a nice big "Hello!" from my favourite room mate, Elga.. whom I know hate because she is leaving RIT and moving out on us creating more un-due stress... like when I called my parents earlier.. which is another story for another place on another day... and I'm thinking that I'd like to get this posted before today becomes tomorrow since I've been working on it since I got back from the meeting/dress rehearsal which was about 10:20ish.. and it's now been an hour and 20 minutes... so that's kinda crazy.. although I was distracted a bunch of times by IMs and roomies and browsers crashing.. and now I'm extraordinarily tired.. this is what becomes of getting up early and then going to sleep early, it becomes routine and your body doesn't like to fight against the need to sleep.. .so I don't think I'll try to win a loosing battle any longer... I will just do a few more things and then I shall go to sleep...
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