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Thursday the Free Day

Yesterday, I took advantage of the Free Southern Style chicken sandwich day at McDonalds. It wasn't entirely free because you had to buy a drink, but for $1.87 to get a drink and a sandwich (and a whole bunch of napkins) it was a pretty good deal. I stopped at the Bakery Outlet for a bag of popcorn ($0.99 for a big bag) that I will probably not finish 'til the end of the weekend. Good deal. I also got bread ($0.59) and 2 containers of "gourmet" chocolate covered pretzels for $1. I promptly left them in the car so that they got all melted together. But that allowed me to use a knife and a bottle of vodka as a make-shift hammer to get them apart! Woo, fun! It was the one time I actually wished I had a meat tenderizer or a crab-hammer in the kitchen.

After my last tap class, I tracked down a free Iced Coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. Just a few years ago we had NO dunkin donutses (?), now we have a BUNCH! The first place I went to was on my way, but was "out of ice". Whatever. The second place was a bit out of the way, but had them. What is with Indian people (from India) running dunkin donutses? Odd. Didn't buy anything at DD so the coffee only cost me the amount of gas to get off and on the highway (1/10th of a mile total) and some dignity (I was still dressed for tap class). No biggie. :-)

Tap deserves a HUGE post pre-show, so hopefully I will get to that later.



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May. 16th, 2008 02:09 pm (UTC)
Foreigners only run Dunkin's outside New England. Not even kidding. I was so confused when I went to one for the first time in Maryland. But it was the same in New York. Up here you rarely see it. Maybe there will be one Indian or other country guy or girl who *happens* to be working there, but it's not like it's the entire staff or the management like it is beyond these borders. It's kind of lol'able. I thought about stopping for the free coffee on the way home since the radio lady was talking about it as I was pulling out of the parking lot... But all three Dunkin's (on my 9 mile drive home from work ;-p) had chalka-blocka full parking lots, so I thought, forget it.

I'd be interested to read a tap post if you write one. :)
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