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Upcoming Tap Recital

So, last night was our last regular rehearsal before the show. By about 8:30 we were getting a little loopy. A good test, though 'cuz now we know we can do our routines while laughing our asses off. :-P

We (the intermediates) have a total of 6 dances that we will be participating in:

Shim Sham Shimmy: All levels are going to be on stage for this one! It is going to be pretty impressive, I think. Vicki wants to illustrate how each level is different. Yesterday was the most confident I felt about this dance since we first learned it.

Jailhouse Rock: This a difficult dance and we have been working on it since September! The class is split in half and one half is going to have police hats and the other (ME!) is going to have jailbird caps. It is going to be awesome. GO JAILBIRDS! :-D There is a part where we face off and do a challenge step to each other. Very West Side Story. :-) I feel very confident about this one. I just hope she is done changing stuff.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: This is a nice leisurely paced Waltz-Clog (featuring a step like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVL9-uZtZmw). It is in 3/4 time which is very different than most dances which are usually in 4 and involve counting to 8 over and over and over and over, etc. We are wearing baseball caps, a pitchers glove (well, not really, but it will hopefully look like one) and we are using our infamous baseball bats. It should look pretty awesome. As long as she sets the CD to the right tempo we should be set. Not too happy about the part where I have my back to the audience for about 30 counts. :-P Ahh, maybe I can position a little sideways.

Rock Around the Clock: This is actually just a souped up version of Jailhouse Rock minus the hats and plus the Advanced dancers. It is also about 1.5 times as fast. But it is just as much fun. :-) Vicki thinks no one will notice that it is the same dance. I think the audience will be a little smarter than that. Maybe not. We will see. The beginning is different & because we are not doing such an obvious face off (but the steps are still there) I think it will be different, but I think they audience will notice that it is similar. They are not right next to each other in the program, which is good because this dance is EXHAUSTING.

Wild, Wild, West: This is actually a line dance (done in a circle) that we are doing with the beginner class. It takes about 5 minutes to learn and about 15 minutes to perfect. It is going to look cool on stage, though and will give us all a chance to "be in the front", I think. Very easy, woo.

Finale: This is the same dance we did for the parade. It's with no music, so we have a bit of trouble staying together especially with the whole class... it is hard to hear everyone when you are on one end or the other. I'm wondering how this is going to work especially since we aren't even having drums like we did in the parade and the stage is apparently larger than the spaces we usually practice in.

I feel comfortable with the dances and I am ready for the performance, but I am nervous about things that we haven't practiced yet like changing, doing things with all our accessories, etc, etc.



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May. 17th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
May. 18th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
Very similar but much more tap-y and with arm stuff.
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