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Full Day

Today, Aunt Karin and I spent most of the day together! We went to a farmers' market south of Mechanicsburg that she likes to go to. They were low on produce, but we ended up getting a couple of things anyway (and I got some really cheap gummies for snacking on at the movies, dunno why they had them there, though). Then we ventured further down the road to another place called Ashcombe's. They are a nursery(plants)/gift shop/farmer's market/deli. We looked around the gift shop for a while and laughed at some of the crazy things they have there. The strangest thing was probably a wreathe that was completely covered in feathers (a la a feather boa). Very strange.

Then we went to Radio Shack so Karin could get batteries for her dying portable phones and I saw Annalisa there! We got to chat while the other employee was helping Karin out which was really nice. Mike and I haven't been over to her place for game night in ages. They ended up having both the batteries that Karin needed, so she paid and we skedaddled (omg, spell check knows that word).

By then we were starving, so we went to Wegman's for lunch. YAYAYAY! We both ended up getting Chinese which was very yummy. Then we spent the next 2 hours shopping around the store. Seriously, I'm glad I don't go there on a regular basis because I would spend half my life in that store. We did get some really good deals and use the coupon booklet coupons for the week (free chips and soda (Code Red for Mike) with $10 purchase). This was only the 2nd time I've been there since they opened last year which makes me very sad. I should really get over there more often but with gas prices, it seems so unreasonable. Their prices on bulk food are amazing, though, so it might be worth a trip when I run out of granola making supplies.

After we managed to pull ourselves away, I dropped Karin off at home and then I hit up Giant (another grocery store) for a couple of items they had on sale this week (their sales ended today) that I wasn't able to pick up at Walmart yesterday or Wegmans today for cheaper. Fortunately, this also consisted completely of cold stuff, so the fact that the next stop was home was perfect.

I got home and put away all my groceries and organized the fridge (not a small task) and put away the stuff I got at Wal*Mart yesterday as well (I had not gotten to putting the toiletries away). Then I set in to making food for eating this week. I have been sorely lacking in the leftovers department, so lunches lately have consisted of things like crackers and cheese and PB&J (not that there's anything wrong with that).

First, I whipped up a batch of granola bars. While that was in the oven, I started some chicken and saffron rice. I figured I'd better make that saffron rice since I bought it just after I moved into the apartment and it's been 11 months. Oops. :-P When the rice and chicken were finished, I mixed them together, spooned out a serving for dinner and put the rest in containers for the week. I watched The Full Monty OnDemand while I ate dinner. Then, I mixed up a batch of Sausage Cheese Balls and got them baking. They really turned out very good, but I did not eat very many tonight. I think they will make a great snack cold or hot. I only baked half off the mix and put the other half in the freezer for next time. Only half fit on the tray anyway. :-P

I think that was about it. I just started the dishwasher which is loaded up with most of the dishes from tonight and also the pots and pans that can't go in the dishwasher are all washed. I have been severely remiss lately in keeping the dishes in check and I think that probably has led to less cooking in general.

The only thing I didn't get to was calzones which is on the schedule for tomorrow. YAY for getting to use my new rolling pin (and I think I'll be pulling out the large wooden cutting board as well to roll on).

Anyway, that was my day. It mostly involved buying food, preparing food, and eating food. Surprise, surprise. :-P
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