Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

An Evening

My evening began when I got home from work at 5pm. I was careful to get home as early as possible because I knew I would have 2 discs of Gilmore Girls (8 episodes) waiting in my mail box. YAY! I played them back-to-back and just finished up. I've got 1 disc and 2 seasons left. Seems like not very much. I am starting to miss them already. It is interesting which episodes I have seen before and that they are in no way playing them in any order in syndication. Sigh. I always felt that was one of syndications biggest faults.

I successfully ruined my appetite for dinner with pretzels and dip and sausage-cheese balls. This was actually fortunate, because I had no idea what to have for dinner in the first place.

I also used up 1/4 of a bottle of Nair tonight.

What an exciting (and smooth-legged) life I lead.
Tags: life, movies
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