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Happy Halloween!... wha?

Okay, so today is OFFICIALLY Hallween! *yea* It's also the day that my sis and bro go Trick or Treating(not usually the case, Trick or Treat at home is the Thrusday before halloween).. which is all besides the point!

Last night was the RITSMA halloween party, and although everyone seems to have posted about it already, I'll put in my two cents:

Dave C. is the life of a party... I'm SO glad he came.... otherwise there are just a bunch of sheepish sheep... :-P (No offense to anyone... it gets kinda annoying, though).

Bobbing for Apples was fun.. but I wish I had known what the hell to do. :-P And I mean for set up... I was not about to stick my head in that water... I just don't fair well when my head is not in good-ole air....

Attendance... there's two sides to this issue... it was better than last year, but then again, we invited ALL OF THE PERFORMANCE GROUPS!!!! So it goes two ways... we had Kevin and Dave C. from BCS and then a few people that I didn't know(Yea!) from Concert Band... I was hoping we'd have a slew of people from Concert Band thus the almost entire pizza we had left from Salvatores(good pizza though, much better than Papa Johns! *yea*)...

And I still have prizes left over 'cuz we never really *officially* did the costume contest that we were going to have... but then again, I hadn't really figured out who the judges would be and stuff... so.. I can't blame anyone but me.

I find myself thinking, well next year I'll remember to do all this stuff... except I don't really want to do it next year... I have to write up a thingy-ma-bobber for Bob. bah.

And this is becoming another one of those long entries so I think I'll stop.
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