Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Crush or Flush

Crush or Flush

Crush or Flush is a new twist on the old dating websites. It allows users to chat with others anonymously and completely safely. Instead of users registering with a generic username, each account is tied to your cell phone number so they can identify you as an actual human being. Your e-mail, cell number, and real name are ALWAYS private.

The way the site works is that you can browse user profiles and decide to "crush" on them or "flush" them. It's pretty self explanatory, really. If you think you are a good match with a person, "crush" on them. If not, "flush" and never see them on the site again.

The catch is that you can only contact people who have a crush on you, and you have to crush on them back! There are all kinds of ways to search the site users and narrow your search to those who have crushed on you so far.

Right now they are in beta, but there are tons of members already.
Tags: link, review, website
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