Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

More Netflix Crap

Yesterday, Netflix recieved Shark Tale (which I sent on Tuesday, so that was good). Then I refreshed the page every so often to see what they were going to ship next (it has been seemingly random even though everything in my queue says "now" under availability). Nothing ever shipped. Around 4pm, the status switched to say they would send out the next movie on Thursday. WHAT??! If everything is available like you say it is, why didn't you ship something?!?! ANYTHING!??! Anything in my 96-disc-long queue! GEEEEEEEZ. So then, I get this e-mail:

GILMORE GIRLS: SEASON 6: DISC 3 was not available today at your local shipping center. Instead, we will be shipping this DVD from Santa Ana, CA on the next business day. As usual, you will receive an email letting you know we shipped your DVD.

SUCK. On Wednesday, I sent in Even Almighty (yeah) and they got it today and they are already saying they are going to send out Dreamgirls next. So, I've got 2 discs shipping today. One from Harrisburg which will get here tomorrow, and one from Santa Ana, California that will get here who knows when and probably be damaged or be the wrong disc.

I'm starting to feel paranoid that they are screwing with me because I am on the 2-disc plan but (normally) getting really good turn around so that I have rented more discs than they would like me to or something.

And because everyone loves a poll, here is one:

Poll #1207397 Should I call?

Should I call Netflix and complain?


Would YOU call Netflix and complain?


What should I say if I call? (add more in comments if it doesn't fit)

(ps, don't forget I won't be able to reply to any comments 'til I get home)
Tags: movies, netflix
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