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From various sources, I ended up with $99.22 in my amazon gift certificate balance all at once. $50 was from my RIT credit card's rewards program, about $30 of it was from mturking, and the rest was from the phillips sensorium thing. I went on a little shopping spree today trying to get the most bang for my buck (ordering from marketplace sellers where it made sense) and here is what I ordered for 95.47(ish). I think I saved around $30 going with marketplace sellers. The coolest part was not having to pull out my credit card to place the order. Pretty nifty as long as I don't have any trouble. And I made a pretty big dent in my amazon wish list.

(all prices include shipping)
Art Nouveau Cross Stitch: Decorative Designs from the Turn of the Century (book, on back-order) - $14.99(new)
Once Upon a Mattress (Carol Burnett; DVD) - $14.99(new)
You've Got Mail (Tom Hanks; DVD) - $5.98
The Muppets Take Manhattan (DVD) - $5.17
Gattaca (DVD) - $8.48
Big Fish (DVD) - $5.57
The American President (DVD) - $6.45
Trapped in the Sea Kingdom (Escape from Tenopia, No. 2) (Book, for Mike) - $8.97
The Gift (Kenny Rogers, Audio CD - Christmas comes early!) - $4.93
Stranger Than Fiction (Will Ferrell, DVD) - $4.51
Goodnight, My Angel: A Lullabye (Book & Audio CD) (CD: Goodnight, My Angel) (Billy Joel) - $4.46
Ratatouille (DVD) - $10.97
Tags: amazon, movies
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