Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

from earlier....

(this is from earlier)

It's 3:45 and the Gilmore Girls disc that is supposed to ship from CA has not been shipped yet. I am starting to think that it will be shipped tomorrow and then I wont' get it 'til tuesday or something really annoying. Although, I guess I should factor in the time zones so it is only 12:45 there. I guess I will give them a couple more hours before I am severely pissed.

Finally shipped at 4:30 - won't be here 'til Monday. BOOO.


Oh, and for those of you who requested (and also those of you who didn't request it) linkage, here is my cousin's blog about how he is spending his stimulus check:

Possibly NSFW. Hell what am I say? Definitely NSFW.
Tags: blog, link, movies, netflix
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