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Woke up before my alarm. The day I have off of work I have to get up early to get where I'm going. Kinda sad since it's not that early or anything.

I just heard (another) story on the radio where a crime scene was found after a woman's employer called the police because she didn't show up for work. Let me tell you, if I am laying dead in my apartment, it won't be my employer who notices I'm missing first.

I'm off today to go to my cousin Kristy's wedding. It's going to be ON THE BEACH at the Jersey Shore. (not Jersey Shore. It should be a lot of fun and the last big family gathering and wedding for a while. Oh yeah, open bar. I'm thinking of spending the night asking the bartenders if they can make things and see if I can stump them. They always get stumped at a Pink Squirrel. My grandmother used to get a mix for them, but from scratch they are pretty complicated. Sad. I haven't been able to find the mix around here either.

I'm stopping at the library on the way to my parent's. I'm still not sure if movies in the car on my laptop are a good idea. It'll pretty much kill my battery. And last time it made me ill. Still I got a headphone spliter at a yard sale last week just for this occasion, so maybe I'll pick up something at the library that Albert & Liz can watch. I've got my absolutely HILARIOUS book to read.

And what is with people in UK calling Math "Maths"? Could someone explain it to me? I've heard it a lot recently and I don't get it.

I painted my nails (fingers AND toes) last night before I went to bed. Pretty much that was the last thing that I did. I wake up this morning and one of them is chipped already. Now, I think one of my problems with having polished nails is that I am my own finger's biggest critic. No one else will probably notice. They will just notice that I have the perfect color to go with my skin tone (yeah, I do (pst old picture, but those are my feet and my polish in my room at UC in college)). Or just notice that I am wearing nail polish. Or they will not notice at all and just fixate at the HUGE zit that appeared next to the right corner of my mouth yesterday. Woo.

I've gotta eat some breakfast (my stomach is starting to create the suction of a black hole from being empty) and then put my laptop in my bag (and the charging cable that is not annoying) and hit the library before going to my parents. I'll probably post from the hotel as long as they really do have the free wireless they say they do. And I'll be back late tomorrow anyhow.

I am so glad I'm not driving. This trip is going to be an expensive one. Sigh.


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Jun. 27th, 2008 12:55 pm (UTC)
mathematics is a plural, and covers all the different kinds like basic, algebra, calc, trig, geometry, etc. so its more weird that we call it math, not plural. we take a plural noun and shorten it and turn it single. they keep it plural.

at least, thats what i think.
Jun. 27th, 2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
Gas for our rental van on vacation just may cost as much as the entire trip. It'll be interesting to see. :-p
Jun. 27th, 2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
Re maths, did this come up when you were playing Maths Nightmare? I made the mistake of telling africanashes that it annoyed me they were missing the apostrophe. I thought the aisha was named Math. That's the only thing that made sense to me. She kindly corrected me about the British and more sensible shortening of mathematics.
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