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Tonight... tonight...

I'm tired. I don't know why I do this to myself...
Today I finished my project 3 for IDM.. and now I've only got 1 paper and 1 project left 'til the end of the quater(not counting homeworks)... so I'm back to being under control. Ushered for players tonight.. and ... well, there are details that I shan't meantion here... because the person is on CSH and most definately has an lj...
Then I met up with Dan and Heather and Ryan and we went to Tinsletown to see the IMAX version of SWII.. it was good, but they had to edit stuff out... something to do with the length allotted for IMAX films or something... bah... I wouldn't have minded an intermission to switch reels if it meant more Hayden and Ewan! So anyway, I'm tired and I'm ready to dream... so I shall be off...
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