Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Re-posting with no IP logging

(Note: I know I posted this before, but now I've turned off IP logging, so feel free to say whatever you want without the fear of being tracked for nefarious purposes.)

This went over like gangbusters over on sillyliss's journal. I thought I'd do it here as well. And I shall call it a meme. Sorry.

Comment anonymously on this post with one (or many, but in seperate replies) of the following:

a) something that you have really wanted me to know. Anything at all.
b) tell me and the rest of livejournal a secret. Just make sure you log out first (or choose the anonymous option carefully - may require clicking on the "more options" button) so that we won't know who you are.
c) anything that you wouldn't otherwise comment if you were not anonymous

And have fun! :-)
Tags: meme
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