Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I am still out of commission. I can not walk normally and it hurts to hobble. Last night I woke up twice from the pain. Both times, I got out of bed, took more ibuprofen, un-did the ace bandage, iced for 20 minutes, put the ace bandage back on, and went back to bed. As you can imagine, this was rather disruptive to my sleeping. Boo. My alarm went off at 8(2 hours after the last wake-up) and I re-set it for 9am. Now that I am truly set up for working at home, it is not a big deal. I called the med. center this morning and I have a doctors appointment at 3:30 (earliest they could give me). Hopefully they will look at it, send me to get x-rays and then say everything is fine. That is my plan, at least.
Tags: health, work
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