Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Visit to the Doctor

My mom picked me up and took me to the doctor. I didn't have as much trouble with the stairs as I thought I would, which is good. Also, internal medicine is on the first floor, YAY! And I had my dad's crutches which helped me move faster (ie, still about half speed). But of course, it figured that the room they put me in was about halfway back. Boo. Every time I passed an open room I hoped longingly that it would be the one, but no.

Anyway, I saw a Resident (which is normal, since it is a University hospital) and he was very nice (oh, and cute). My self diagnosis was pretty close to being correct. It is a sprain, however, I sprained the ligament that goes across the top of my foot. This is why it hurts to flex my foot down, but not up, and in but not out. When the ligament is extended, it hurts the most. I can't remember the name for the opposite of extended, but that is the motion I can manage without pain. Anyway, the doctor (did I mention he was cute?) consulted with his attending and they decided that I didn't need x-rays (good, I guess). So he wrote me a script for 800mgs of ibuprofen to take 3 times a day. YAY. Also, I already have another appointment there next week (with a different doctor, originally for a different purpose), but we are going to treat that as my follow up. He says if it is not on the mend by then, they'll do x-rays in case I tore the ligament where it connects to the bone. Apparently this ligament attaches in a few places across the top of the foot.

Pretty much, by Sunday things will be feeling better. I can walk on it when I feel like I can walk on it (when I can stand the pain, pretty much), and I should be fully mended in 6-8 weeks. Not horrible news, but not exactly what I wanted to hear. That's 2 months! It's also halfway into the first session of tap. I have a feeling I'll be sitting out the first sessions. The doctor said I could tap when I can walk, but tapping is really more strenuous on the feet than running and not being able to flex my feet would be awful.

The cute resident (darn, I can not remember his name) also said that I was doing everything right (icing, resting, elevating, compressing) and to keep up the good work.

I really don't think I'll be driving until Monday, so that means I'll be working from home again tomorrow. I can finish up my current project and then go talk to Maria on Monday about what she wants me to concentrate on next. If I can continue to work from home maybe half-days it would be really helpful. I can not keep my leg up at work. It would be near impossible.
Tags: health, tap, work
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