Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

What's goin' on

So, my foot still hurts. Can't really walk still. Really annoying because I am starting to go stir crazy. It's silly really, because I'm doing what I normally do, but I just am way less mobile.

I've watched a ton of movies (some DVDs, some free OnDemand), did a puzzle (which I finished, took pictures of, and put away), started another puzzle (which is way harder than the first one), finished reading "Dave Barry in Cyberspace", started reading PURE DRIVEL by Steve Martin, and generally attempting to putter around without moving very much.

The original plan for today was for Mike to come over and hang out with me, but he found out yesterday that he would have to work (boo). I'm hoping he still comes over tonight because I would like to have Chinese and then he could pick it up on the way here. That and I need bread. I'm sure I could use a couple other groceries, but I'm really at a loss. I just need to work up the energy to stand in the kitchen and cook something. Standing takes a lot of effort. As good as I am at standing on one foot, it is tiring.

Anyway, I'm bored, I did all the easy parts of the new puzzle, so I think I'm going to look for something else to watch on demand while I play some neopets world challenges.
Tags: health, life, movies, reading
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