Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Stretching Taco Meat

Mike came over after work today for dinner and to watch our Friday night programs (Monk & SG: Atlantis, will watch Psych online later). We also had tacos for dinner.

The last time I bought ground beef in bulk, I divided 5 pounds into 6 and froze them. So, when I took one package of meat out for dinner, I realized it would not be enough for Mike and I for tacos (at least there would not be much leftovers - and it's not dinner if there's no leftovers). I thought it would be cool to mix a can of black beans into the taco meat before I added the water and seasoning packet*, however, I didn't have any black beans in the pantry (yes, I can hear your collective gasps!). I did have pinto beans, though. After I finished browning the 0.83 pounds of meat, I drained it and added in a rinsed can of pinto beans. I put it back on the heat for a while and then I added the seasoning and recommended water (2/3 cup). I made sure to simmer it until the liquid was all absorbed. Mike was weary, but he will try anything once. I think I'd like to do black beans next time and see if it is better or what.

Also, Mike learned to grate cheese today. He's a natural. :-)

*I tried making taco seasoning, but there was something strangely missing and I decided it was cheaper to pick up the packets (old el paso, taco bell, or oretega) when they are on sale and/or I have a coupon.
Tags: food
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