Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Foot Update

I heard back about my x-rays today, and there is no fracture and "unremarkable tissue injuries". Whatever that means. I've got an appointment in a month for a follow up. For now, though, I'm supposed to take it easy and use it as I feel comfortable. My goal this weekend is to work up to driving. We are celebrating my Dad's birthday on Sunday (his birthday is today) with a turkey on the weber grill (yum!). I've also gotta get to the grocery store and fill my prescriptions. I think it is going to take a long time to go shopping, though.

My foot still hurts a lot depending on how long ago I've taken my ibuprofen. It hurts to walk on it most of the time and I'm still icing, elevating and having the ace bandage. I'm just hoping for some PROGRESS. Geez.

Also, I want to at least look into notifying SOMEONE about the sidewalk I fell on. I'm not sure who to contact, though. Someone at the police department? Someone at the borough? township? Not sure. I guess I just have to start calling people and find out. Sigh.
Tags: health, pain
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