Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Frugality is NOT a Dirty Word

I feel like I wrote this article. They managed hit the nail on the head with good definitions and reasons.

Frugality is NOT a Dirty Word

This is one of my favorite lines, "Frugality is about making smart choices to reach your goals; it’s not about living a life devoid of pleasure." And this passage basically sums up my entire up-bringing around money:

If you’ve adopted a lifestyle of thrift or frugality, you are not being cheap when you buy generic food at the grocery store. You are not being cheap when you don’t purchase an iPhone or a Nintendo Wii. You are not being cheap — you are choosing a different set of values. You are working toward a greater goal. You are not depriving yourself — you have elected to live debt-free, or to follow a spiritual ideal, or to save for a trip around the world.[ed: or to retire by the age of 55]

There was an article in this week's Parade Magazine (an insert mag that comes with our Sunday paper) about frugality and home decor. I find it really interesting that these concepts and ideals are finally coming back into the main stream after being gone since the 80s (and before that the 50s, and before that the 30s).

The real challenge is to hang onto frugality through the economic high times as well as the low times. As my favorite personal finance blogger says, "it's all about spending less than you make."
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