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Take the Pledge! Break the Bottled Water Habit

Did you know that the lifecycle energy cost of a bottle of water is equivalent to filling up a quarter of each disposable bottle with oil? Why produce nearly a million tons of plastic to cart billions of gallons of water all over the country when clean, virtually free water flows right into our homes? (And if you say it’s because of taste or other aesthetic issue, there are a variety of filters that can assist you in fixing those challenges—a much more eco- and wallet-friendly solution than buying disposable bottles of water.)

It’s time to take a real stand and pledge to Break Your Bottled Water Habit for good. Over 14,000 of you pledged to give it up for a month and reduced 46,000 pounds of carbon emissions in the process. We can do better than that. Pledge to give it up for a year and reduce your carbon footprint by 40.8 pounds this year.* Imagine if 20,000 of you make that same pledge.

From now through October 30, take the pledge to Break the Bottled Water Habit, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Doing so can put you in the running to win some very eco-friendly, water-themed prizes: first prize is a Live, Learn, Experience package that includes a trip to Glacier National Park from our friends at Brighter Planet; second prize is a water filtration package from Wellness Enterprises, and third prize is a very cool self-filtering reusable bottle also by Wellness Enterprises.

Need more reasons to Break the Bottled Water Habit? Check out our top five reasons to break the habit, and then our top five ways to do so.
*Based upon bottles shipped 500 miles.

You can sign up for New American Dream's action alerts at:
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