Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Cooking, other stuff, and piratey help!

Last night's peach jam making was FUN and AWESOME and the jars sealed perfectly and I am happy. I made a HUGE mess in the kitchen and it was fun. YAY for messes and YAY for fun. I only netted 4 jars and about 4oz that I put in a ziplock container. I've got enough peaches to make another batch (Sunday afternoon, probably) and if the peaches stay on sale, I might make even more. I've got plenty of Certo, and I bought an extra large bag of sugar, so I'm set. Wooooo jam!

Also, the chili turned out pretty well. The crock pot did not burn down the apartment (woo) and seems to be in very well working condition. It has a high and a low setting, and the high setting had the chili at a high simmer when I got home. The navy beans were a little mushy, but the kidney beans were perfect. I didn't put anything in to thicken and it was obvious (corn starch next time!), but the flavor was surprisingly good since I did my crazy ADD RANDOM SPICES UNTIL I FEEL LIKE STOPPING thing. I also added a can of green chilies and about 2 tablespoons of onion powder. Woah. YAY. Final can count: 7. (3 diced tomatoes, 2 kidney beans, 1 navy beans, and 1 can of chilies) Not bad. I managed to make rice while making jam which was amazingly impressive. Rice got majorly sticky, though. Oh well. Will probably bring the leftover chili and rice over to Mike's for dinner tonight.

Mike came over for chili and we watched Muppets Take Manhattan and Burn Notice (the season finale will be on after the US Open). I had 2 peaches left over that I had de-skinned and hadn't needed for the jam, so I decided to make us a little dessert with them. I did a quick search for peach cobbler online and I couldn't find anything that didn't use 3 pounds of peaches, so I made something up. Too bad it was very good, because I will never be able to make the same thing again. :-P Basically, mashed up the peaches, mixed in some cinnamon and nutmeg and cornstarch (who knows why) and then made a crumb topping with butter, flour, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts. 30 minutes in the oven at 350. It was yummy. As I like to say, measurement-shmeasurement. :-P

Tonight will be Monk & Psych and more chili, probably. Also, I have to get ready for going to the Ren Faire tomorrow! I am putting together a wacky pirate-y "costume". The first step of which was for Mike to get me a pirate-costume kit from KB that was $5 and for a 5 year old. I'm sure there will be pictures and much hilarity. I'm going with a bunch of Rochester, NY peeps that are coming down for the weekend. WOOO! I is excited 'cuz I haven't seen them forever & we get to be pirates together (but they will be better pirates).

So far my "costume" includes:
- Black Bandana to go on my head
- big gold hoop earrings
- hair in low pigtails
- eye patch somehow attached to my glasses (for extra hilarity)
- My most piratey shirt
- Black gauchos
- A scarf fashioned as a sash that completely clashes with pirate-y shirt
- Plastic knife in plastic sheath hanging from said sash
- Plastic cutlass to branish around at people

Can anyone else think of pirate-y additions to the outfit that I might have laying around the house or that I can pick up at the grocery store or a drug store? Arrrr, mateys! Prepare to walk the plank!
Tags: apartment, food, life
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