Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Tonight (talk of food)

Mike came over around 5:30. I served this with rice, tortillas, and tortilla chips. I also added a can of green chilies to the pot when I was home for lunch. It was really spectacular. I can't wait to have more (there was plenty leftovers). $5 total for the meal (that includes the price for allll the tortillas, all the chips and all the rice). Excluding the salads we had ahead of time. Nice.

We watched My Giant and then played Disney Trivial Pursuit (kids version this time). We also ate the butterscotch brownies that I made last night and had lots left over (half of which Mike took home with him). They were very rich. Yummy.

Now I'm going to try and feed some kads (neopets thing), watch L&O and then go to bed early-ish.
Tags: food
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