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Freaky, freaky, freaky...

Okay, maybe someone can further explain this to me... 'cuz this is really weird. I'll start from the beginning:

I have these really short .mid files that I want to make into .wav files so I can use them for my final project in IDM class. I've decide to use WINAMP to convert them 'cuz I found a great website for telling me how to do this.

So, I set it all up and I've got the volume for my computer speakers way down, and I've got my stereo pumping my new 8-beat measure CD... 'cuz I figure the mid -> wav thing is all internal, right? Maybe not...
I play back the wav files that I've created, and what do they sound like, but snippets of what I was just listening to!! So, I figure I'm just going nuts, right?... 'cuz the files are really short(less than a second each) and I'm thinking they just got messed up some how... so I delete those, and go through the steps again, with my music off.. the files come out just fine.... SO! I'm thinking somehow, however WINAMP works to 'record' the wav files, it must have something to do with vibrations, or something... so I find a longer .mid file so I can test out my theory... I'm playing the mid file and listening to the radio, flipping around, playing a CD, etc... and when I play the WAV file back, I hear everything that I just did!! So freaky..... except now I'm thinking that I hear myself singing on the file... so maybe WINAMP just uses the mic to record the mid and doesn't really tell you what the heck it's doing??? So, I test my theory... and do it again, with no microphone.... and what do I get? But a blank wav file... pain in the ass... I wondered why it seemed like the computer was so much quieter than the stereo sound... BECAUSE IT WAS... blah... no explaination nessasary. Anyone know of anyway to internally convert a mid to a wav?


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Nov. 13th, 2002 01:56 pm (UTC)
Sound cards work in mysterious ways. :) Usually you can only select one source for recording at a time. Ideally, Winamp should have selected the MIDI source for recording to do its conversion. Maybe it failed to do that if your card or its drivers are unconventional in the slightest. Annoying, yes.

As I recall, Winamp DOES do its conversions internally... at least from MP3 to WAV. I know there's an option to run it silently, though, which also lets it go faster since it's not limited by the playback speed. I'm not sure if that works for MIDI files though, since they need to be rendered by the sound card.

If you can get the recording source set up properly on your sound card, it shouldn't matter what program you use to play the .MID or record the .WAV.
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