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So, I am doing a good deed today and setting up the new person's workstation. Yes, a good deed that involves me switching monitors for the better one and me switching mouses for the better one and me switching... um, well, maybe I'll keep my keyboard. :D This involves lots of crawling around on the floor, though, so I feel this is all well deserved. Also, they have been in my office for months unused and I haven't done it - so much for self control. :-P

Just got an e-mail from Maria moving the 12pm meeting to 12:30pm. We are having pizza, so I can only assume that she ordered it too late for 12pm. Never fails.

I also cleared all the paper/cardboard that needs to be recycled out of my desk and the other desk. There was stuff in the other desk from Guy. I guess no one cleared out the desk before (there have been 3 people that sat there since Guy). Wow.

I have been habitually checking my inventory. The stuff I listed on Tuesday finally showed up, but stuff from yesterday is not there yet. I still have one more box of books to list tonight. No one has reported loosing any inventory entries in this debacle, so I figure I might as well keep using my time wisely and posting the books even though they aren't showing up right away. If anyone is curious as to the crazy kinds of books I am selling, you can check out my inventory HERE* (I think). Listing them by publication year (oldest to newest) is interesting. The other ways of sorting are kinda cool, too.

*really, don't buy anything from me.
Tags: selling, work
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