Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

auto transcribe sucks, or in which I talk too fast?

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“Hello everyone on LJ. I just came from my first rehearsal with the Pine Street Presbyterian choir and it went really well I think. It was a little crazy because everything was sight reading and I just kinda thrown into. Fortunately the other altos knew their parts so I could just kinda go along with what their singing and do little sight reading but it was a little nerve wracking because this is some intense choir music and I haven't sung anything that was this absolutely awesome in a really long time. I mean some of the stuff he's using awesome are the stuff we did with RIT singers so I'm really excited and I'm hoping everything goes well from here on out. Right how I'm trying to find the Progress Grill so I can go have some appetizers or something with the group and hopefully I'll find it and they were they come completely inept in driving in Harrisburg but I'm gonna need some luck with that. Oh the other thing I want to say is that one piece we had had a soprano solo, a tenor solo, and a base solo and the poor guy that's the new tenor section leader started today too and he was completely thrown into the solo with pretty much no notice whatsoever like, "hey start in the next measure" so fortunately there was no alto solo today so I wasn't completely caught off guard but it was kinda scary there for a second when I was frantically flipping through the music and double checking but hopefully I will post when I get home and someone will transcribe this for me please. Okay, bye.”

Transcribed by: tenthz
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