Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

330 is over... *sniff*

By 2pm today, my favourite class will be over... Interactive Digital Media was the best, not to mention that the professor ROCKS... Go Bogaard! I learned so much and I really think I have picked one of my concentrations.... I want to figure out how to make CD interfaces now... oooh... think of the possibilities! :-) Yeah, so check out my website for the class, 'cuz I've got all of my projects up, ('cept for 2, it is too big to fit on my grace account, let me know if you want to see it, and I'll send you a copy!) Dial-up-ers beware... the shockwave files aren't exactly meant to be viewed on the internet.... I'm going to be burning a CD(today, in fact) so that I can show people my projects without the pain of downloading them. Just another thing on my list of things to do today... my mom is picking me up just after my final.... around 2, and then I get to drive home! I can't WAIT to drive... I miss it soo much when I'm up here.
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