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Okay, so I saw this when? Friday!!! Just about 2 hours after it opened!!! *YEA*... the theater was us(Elga, Chris, Jason, Heather, Cindi, and I) and a bunch of old & retired people... it was weird... we figured out later that everyone is in school or work on Fridays... how very odd... :-P Anyway, the movies was great... and if you haven't seen it or read the books or you just don't want to hear me ramble about it. .. then

Harry Potter, what can I say.... well, I'll attempt to start at the beginning('tis a very good place to start)... and then follow my stream-of-conciousness from there(good luck to the reader..)Yes, the beginning... Well, the first time that Dumbledore was on the screen, I started crying 'cuz Richard Harris(The actor) died on October 25, 2002 of Hodgkin's disease. ... he was 72 years old! The man was absolutely brilliant and will be missed whole-heartedly in the film world and the upcoming HP movies... *sniff*... moving on... The Dursley's are as awful as ever... and Dobby... eww. I never liked him as a character, and for some reason, I thought he should have had blue skin... no matter, the character was "played" well(it was CG...)... I hated him just like I did with the books... the Wesley's house was great... I think they showed all of the things they talk about in the book(must read again)... the self-washing dishes, the cool Grandfather Clock... something else.. but they did skip plot at the Wesley's house... and I forgot about this 'til now... in the book they make a much bigger deal about the Weasley's not being so well off... and Ron being ashamed.. the only thing that eludes to this in the moive doesn't even cover it... Ron says something like, "It's not much, but it's a good home".. I"m paraphrasing... it was a light-hearted line for a subject that is much darker in the book... Another thing I miss with the movies is Ron's obession over Quiditch, you wouldn't even know that there are international Quiditch teams from just watching the movie! Blah! I really liked seeing more of Mr and Mrs Weasley.... they are very well cast. :-) I love the way that Mr. Weasley half-repremands the boys for taking the car out right after his initial reaction is excitement and questions...exactly how I imagined it... that's one weird thing about these movies, I always feel like I've seen it before 'cuz of the books... although, the 2nd movie wasn't as much so as the 1st... still, a very good compliment to good old CC, the director.... What else? Oh, yeah the CAR! Very nice job, wish we had seen more of it... Whoomping Willow... not really explained.. but the time will come in the 3rd movie, right? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge to big fans* Lockhart... Branaugh was an AWESOME choice for Lockhart... very nice. Also, I really liked seeing more of the infirmary at work... the skele-gro? Very nice... love the bottle... and the obvious lack-of-skill that Lockhart possess could have been a BIT more apparent, 'cuz then the end doesn't make as much sense... he messes up A LOT more in the books... did anyone else notice there weren't very many classroom scenes this time around? Is that accurate with the books? Probably... the voices in the wall were just as I had heard them in my head, it freaked me out a bit.. and the SOUND channels at Regal were just awesome... like Matt said earlier, I could hear so much during the quitich scenes... like the snitch behind you! And other things that I noticed in earlier scenes but can no longer remember specifics.. I should have written this right away... blah... it was fun watching and discussing it with Cindi since we are both obsessed with the books... made it more interesting to discuss future movies/books and how they are going to deal with certain situations that will arise(like the need for the 4 movie to be 7 hours long... how do you deal with that??!? :-P )... anyway, that's all that I can think of for now.. if you want to talk about Harry Potter, just IM me. :-)
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