Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Leaving Town...

Last night, Elga's mom came up to take some of her things back to Virginia... She also took us out to Macaroni Grill where we drew all over the table with crayons! It was tons of fun... unfortunately Mrs. Elga's Mom has laren...larin... laryngitis(?).. she has no voice... and she's also she was rather quite all evening. :-P Elga felt like she was in one of the GodFather movies 'cuz her mom kept whispering stuff to her so she could tell us what her mom said... it was funny. :-)
I feel like we are in some sort of brain teaser puzzle... Elga is leaving tomorrow morning with all of her stuff... and Heather is starting to get ready to move into Elga's room today... and Dan will be moving the rest of his stuff in on Wednesday.. big mess.. there will be so much stuff in the living room...
My mom is picking me up after my final today.... around 2pm...I'll miss all of the moving madness...I should get packing now, I got some of that done last night, but now I have to get dressed and ready for today so I can back some other things... I have a strange feeling that I'll either post like CRAZY over break or not at all.. which would be sad.

What will be very sad is the disappearance of Elga Ozlos... :-(
We've been bonding all week.. and now she will be leaving us...
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