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I'll post quick...

Okay, so I got home Tuesday night... the drive back was nice... it got dark and snowed... Which made the snow even prettier... but it also freaked my mother out because they've only had flurries down here and these were big flakes.... When I got home we watched Frasier(I haven't done that in FOREVER!)... Niles was having surgery for some heart thing and it turns out that Kelsey Grammer had directed it... I could tell that before I saw the credits... very odd how you can stop doing something for such a long time, but when you start up again, you remember all those little details(I should watch season 8 and 9... )...
Anyway, Tuesday night I also started reading HP CS again, and I finished it Wed. morning... They DID leave out the death-day party! I'm mad. Maybe on the DVD? That'd be nice.... and I started reading HP and the Goblet of Fire.. this one should take a bit longer, I'm about a fourth of the way through(it's 734 pages!)... oh, and yesterday I helped out at the Food Pantry... that was fun, but now my arms hurt... and lastnight we had a Christmon(religious, special, decorations) making party at Shell's... we had "comfort food" and it was fun... even if I never want to see another sequin for the rest of my life. :-P Pastor Linda wants me to work on their website.. I didn't even know they had one... how sad is that? I'm going to go and talk to her on my day off(next Tuesday)... Hopefully I can pull together some examples or thoughts and ideas before them... I jus wish this computer had Photoshop on it... that would make things a bit easier... I think I might end up just working on it when I get back to school. I think that's it... I'm going to eat lunch with Albert at East(Hanover Elementary School)... it's stromboli day! :-)


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Nov. 21st, 2002 07:35 pm (UTC)
In a recent interview, Chis Columbus said that the deathday party was his favorite scene in the book and it WAS in the script. But due to it being a less important plot point (the ghosts in general don't get enough screen time, imho), and so effects-heavy, it was cut and they didn't film it. :0/ bummer.
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