Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

No pictures

I don't have pictures to post like everyone else on my f-list right now, so you are going to get a text-only recap of the day.

Mike had today off, so he slept in, and then came over around 1:30. We had leftover crockpot-mac-and-cheese with hotdogs for lunch. Then we caught up on the TV shows I've been taping that we haven't had a chance to watch over the last 9 days or so (C'mas Monk & Psych episodes, an episode of Ace of Cakes where they made the Millennium Falcon, Stargate Atlantis, Clone Wars and Numb3rs).

We made Chinese for dinner. Seriously, I made egg drop soup, fried rice (which turned out a lot better than normal - more fried, less rice), AND egg rolls!! The egg rolls were a new attempt, and were pretty good, but not really like real egg rolls from a restaurant. Mike rolled the egg rolls all by himself and did a really good job. The one I did was made of fail. :-P Next time I make them (want to try the recipe from the wonton wrappers package next time), he is the official egg-roll-roller. For serious.

After dinner we watched Kung Fu Panda (netflix'd) which was pretty hilarious. Think Jack-Black-in-School-of-Rock instead of Jack-Black-in-Nacho-Libre. There were only like 2-3 jokes that I did not think were funny. Pretty good number for a 90-something minute movie.

Mike just left a bit ago and we are going to hang out on Wednesday (his next day off).

And the reality of the fact that it is Sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow is starting to set in. Blaaaaah.

Bed time.
Tags: food, life, mike, movies
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