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So, I'm back in Rochester... as you can tell by my abundance of replies to people's posts on my friends page... There were some weather problems on the way up, and we didn't leave 'til about 11am, plus we stopped at the cool furnature store in Milton, so we didn't get here 'til about 5pm... contrary to my original prediction of 3:30... but now I've got half of a Dibella's sub in my tummy, and I've got the dishwasher running.. and I'm getting ready to throw a load of laundry in(who was the last to leave the apt, btw?)... And I'm listening to TSO!!! \/\/007! Must make appointment with Merry Waters for buying tickets... must call box office before the appointment, must make announcement during meeting on Wednesday...

And now I'm going to do some wash, put my food away, and then probably watch a movie....
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