Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Blog Spotlight: Child's Play!

I read a ton of blogs and I want to share them with all of you. However, I know if I did it in one big post it would be amazingly overwhelming in addition to not giving each blog it's space to shine. So, here's a new type of post! A Blog Spotlight! The first lucky blog is: "Child's Play!" mostly because she made me laugh today.

Child's Play started as a way for Tiffany to write about her new adventure into homeschooling her oldest child "The Naturalist" when traditional schooling was just not working out. Her son "The Golfer" and her youngest daughter "The Sassy Princess" (aka, Sassy) are also on the homeschooling track. I love the way they manage to bring learning into everyday activities and the surprising thirst for knowledge that they have! Today's post is what made me want to spotlight her first.

Christmas Vignettes (or How To Explain Why Santa Isn’t Bringing Lots of Presents without saying “Recession”). Head on over and just read the first few paragraphs to get an excellent feel for life in the house of "Child's Play".

Tiffany is also co-owner of Serendipity Bath Company, T&A Inc. They also blog about their soapy adventures over at Soap Chix - Serendipity Soap Dish
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