Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Weird cookies

I mixed these up yesterday and baked them today:

1) The dough wasn't amazingly appealing raw (which seemed weird?)

2) The smell of them baking was kinda strange, and not in a good way.

3) They taste good. But kinda mellow.


I don't know how 1+2=3 in this case. But whatever. I don't think they will become a new family tradition or anything (unless maybe I add 1 tsp of orange extract instead of the orange zest - or actually use orange zest instead of Clementine? could that be it?), but I have a feeling they will disappear pretty quickly.

Now I just have 2 more kinds of cookies to make before Christmas eve. I better get chopping (literally!!!) and mixing and baking. :-)

Also, my camera battery is dead, but after it's charged up I'll take a picture of my cookies. And probably end up with a cookie icon before the 24th. :-)

Also-also, sillyliss, I discovered my camera battery was dead when I pulled it out of my purse to take a picture of the kosher section in our local grocery store. There were a ton of boxes of candles on the shelf next to the big boxes of matzos. :-P Move to Harrisburg!!!! :-D
Tags: food
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